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Support Our Troops, Inc.~ Our Troops Online, Dedicated to the men and women who have sacrificed so much to

ensure this country’s safety.

American troops stationed in remote areas send e-mails and letters each day requesting every day items. Our Troops Online founder, Bob Williams spends countless dollars of his own money on postage and items for the troops to keep up with the demand, any help is appreciated.

Support Our Troops

By: Nancy Montgomery European edition, Stars and Stripes.

Bob Williams started Our Troops Online to send support items to our troops stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, the Kyrgyz Republic – all places where the nearest drug or discount store is about 12,000 miles away. Much of what ships is snack items donated by generous companies. All of which are enormously popular with the troops. Williams uses the donation money particularly for postage and to buy the “special order” items, requested by the troops, such as Q-tips, CDs, DVDs, batteries, school supplies, and toys. He also sends feminine and personal hygiene items such as; deodorant, shampoo, and cigars, to name a few.