Operation Soldier Assist

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My name is Blaine, I am the founder of OSA and my hope and number one request is that you would adopt-a-troop. What does “adopt” mean? Glad you asked! It means that you commit to writing a letter each week (not an email) so that your adopted troop get a physical letter at mail call, and sending a package once a month. I started OSA with the hope of getting our deployed personnel adopted out to the public, so that they would be encouraged while in Iraq, Afghanistan or any of the 100 plus countries we have troops stationed. Our visitors have not disappointed us. In our first two years, our visitors have adopted 500 troops! We were very happy about this but of course we hope to do more.

We often get letters requesting adoption and support because the government hired contractors are charging way to much at the base stores. Some just wish to have someone to write to and visit with. Most need some sort of help with the items listed below. Items needed include: personal hygiene items, books, magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, boots, and new uniforms items. I know some may feel that boots and new uniform items are over the top, there NOT. Remember a gift is not a gift if it costs you nothing, and this is truly about helping those who defend our country and need support.

A uniform allowance is given to military personnel but in most cases the troops forfeit many normal needs to cover their uniform costs and of course, most of them send their pay home to support their families. Please consider helping, you will enjoy visiting with the person you adopt and will encourage them greatly with your support. The above items are just examples, you decide how you will support your own troop. We just ask you to put yourself in their place and think of what you would like for help. Thanks again for visiting us and please tell your friends about SoldierAssist.com

– Blaine P. Ducote Sr.
Founder OSA