AWWC Thank You Letters

Thank You Letters AWWC Received~

Michele and Tim Rooney, Len and Esther Wolfer, Lee Ann Wolfer . . . I was one of the Veterans you and your organizations celebrated on Sunday, June 2nd @ the
Maraiwald Renewal Center in Reading, PA.

I was very moved by the welcoming we all received. I carry my American Flag Star and the Warriors’ Watch Honor Coin with me everyday!
Thanks for your time! Effort!! and Great Energy!!! Each of you as individuals and your various organizations are making an enormous
positive difference! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOU ARE DOING. Thanks Again.
Ed Thornton

Michelle and Tim, (AWWC, AHW & WWR)
I want to thank you both for your for your support and please know that your appearance and honor guard really touched the participant and staff. Thank you for that.
Michelle, I had the pleasure of meeting Tim and he pointed you out and I observed that you were very busy and then my responsibilities kicked in as co-leader of the VJH, so I was not able to connect with you. Please know that you were seen and greatly appreciated.
With much gratitude to both of you,

Michele & Tim Rooney,
Mr. Len & Mrs. Esther Wolfer,
Mrs. Lee Ann Wolfer,
Thank you:
American Warrior Watch Coalition (
Warrior Watch Riders (
MSAWI/Stars For Our Troops

The response to your service to VJH and our Veterans has been overwhelming.

We appreciate your organizations.

With Love, Honor and Respect,
Rob Dann & Mike Hanson
VJH PA Co-Coordinator’s

Hello, my name is Reggie Goodridge, and I’m a member of the Vets Journey Home. I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed everything that your team did for us. It was a touching and beautiful moment for me. I know that if this continues, the soldiers to come will enjoy it as well. Thank you for taking time out of your lives and supporting us vets.
Reginald W. Goodridge