Welcome to the hub of the American Warriors’ Watch Coalition. The AWWC was formed to optimize the efforts of hundreds of troop support groups around the country in order to ensure that every warrior and warrior family that needs assistance will get it. If your organization is engaged in any form of warrior support, sending packages overseas, providing welcome home celebrations, raising funds for veterans, or supporting the activities of military Family Readiness Groups, then your organization needs to join the AWWC.

Our Mission

The American Warriors’ Watch Coalition is an all-volunteer effort designed to help American Warrior Support Groups to realize their full potential. Toward that end, the AWWC will:

-Unite Warrior Support Groups across the country
-Facilitate communication between Warrior Support Groups
-Maximize Mutual Support while minimizing duplication of efforts among Warrior Support Groups.
-Raise awareness of the need for American Warrior and Family Support.
-Educate the young so that future generations understand the true Cost of Freedom and the role that the American Warrior and families play in the preservation of that freedom.


The American Warriors Watch Coalition Welcomes a new member,  Honor Flight Philadelphia. Under the direction of Andrew Schiavello, AWWC director, Danielle Fialkowksi and the Assist Director Karen Crawford escorted some Veterans of both the Korean and 2ND World War to their tour of the Washington DC memorials. We were both honored to be asked to be the “official Photographers” of the trip!12742250_10209301764008181_7358347748854036804_n

AWWC captured the greetings of many dignitaries such as Colin Powell, Mike Fitzpatrick and many others. We enjoyed the day just as much as the veterans did. Of course no Veteran group would be complete until we were escorted back up 95 south by not only many of the finest in blue, but also Warriors’ Watch Riders SePA, SoNJ, NePA, CePA, and Delaware chapters. Thank you to the greatest generation as well as Honor Flight.

We look forward to a wonderful relationship!

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The American Warriors’ Watch Coalition is endorsed by David Christain, American e Warrior-Hero:
“[The American Warriors’ Watch Coalition’s]  support for returning Warriors is becoming legendary.   I fully support you and your organization and am honored to share these words of acknowledgement to your outstanding mission of supporting the troops.”

David Christian enlisted in the United States Army at age 17. Rapidly promoted through the enlisted ranks to Sergeant, he was admitted to Officer Candidate School and commissioned at 18.  Following Officer Candidate school he completed Jump School and Green Beret training. He was promoted to Captain (O-3) at age 20.

Christian’s service in Vietnam ended when was critically burned by Napalm on the last week in January, 1969 and treated in Vietnam hospitals until Feb 20,1969. He was then moved to the the 106 General Hospital (a division of Brooke Burn Center was established there) in Japan.  He was medically retired from the Army at age 21.

For his actions during the Vietnam war Christian was awarded:The Distinguished Service Cross, Two Silver Stars, Bronze Star, Seven Purple Hearts, and Two Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry among other medals.

Christian was elected National Commander of the Legion of Valor in 1978, and holds a lifetime Board of Director’s position with the organization. Membership in the Legion of Valor is restricted to those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross or Air Force Cross.

He was a founding Vice-President of the Council of Vietnam Veterans.  He left the organization, founding the splinter group of the United Vietnam Veterans Organization (UVVO), which merged with the VVA in 1986.

Christian served as Assistant State Director, US Department of Labor-Veterans Employment during the Reagan Administration. He is a former FOX News military analyst.

The American Warriors’ Watch Coalition Website is dedicated to the memory of Kathryn “Kat” Fialkowski, first AWWC National Director