Kat’s Army

In loving Memory of Kathryn Fialkowski, AWWC National Director, February 16, 2012:

As the founder of the AWWC, and on behalf of all of our member organizations, I am deeply, profoundly sorry to report to you that the National Director of this organization, Kat Fialkowski, passed away today after a short illness.

Kat was an amazing woman, and much loved by ALL who knew her. On the Warriors’ Watch Riders website the outpouring of grief and love is astounding, even to me, one who knows those people well.

When I conceived of the AWWC, Kat was the one person who immediately came to mind as the natural leader of this group, and my instincts proved correct beyond even my expectations. Her dilligence and determination and just plain old fashioned hard work built this organization, the American Warriors’ Watch Coalition, and moved it from an idea on a piece of paperkat to one of the largest and most active and respected Troop and Veteran support groups in the world. If you doubt this, you need only glance to the sidebars of this page to see the many groups who Kat brought into our Troop Support Fold. It is nothing short of extraordinary.

Despite all this time-consuming work, Kat was also an avid and enthusiastic supporter of the group that takes up most of my time and attention – the Warriors’ Watch Riders. At every mission possible Kat was there on the back seat of her husband’s motorcycle, and more often than not added to her work by taking exceptional photographs of all of our missions. Kat’s photos and manipulation of images and videos brought untold pleasure to thousands of WWR members, family and friends.

In an age when marriage seems to be almost a quaint old-fashioned notion, where most marriages end in diviorce at least once, Kat remained married and faithful to her one and only man, “T,” for her entire life. Their marriage lasted over 40 years, and Kat honored and kept her vow of “till death do us part” to Tony.

Kat, you will be missed. Sorely missed. You will be missed by so many, and for the rest of our lives. The American Warriors’ Watch Coalition will continue to grow and thrive, it will continue YOUR mission of service to our troops, only now the AWWC will do this work in your honor – in honor of the memory of you, our friend.

May God accept Kat into his loving arms and give her peace and rest – rest that is well earned. May He also grant Kat’s family, and most especially her grief-stricken husband, my close friend T, some small comfort in knowing that the work that Kat has done which went to serve so many through the AWWC, will continue to serve those many, the subjects of her passion, our troops and vets. Kat has touched thousands of hearts, and the AWWC will continue to grow and thrive in her honor.

We miss you, Kat, and we love you. – Wayne Lutz