Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute

Picture 17Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute

On April 6, 2008 Major Stuart Adam Wolfer was killed in the Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq.  The Wolfer family will not allow Stuart’s voice to be silenced. The Major Stuart Adam Wolfer Institute (MSAWI) was established so that his legacy of leadership, commitment to his country and community service will continue to live on and to inspire future generations of children, adults and leaders.

The Institute is committed to supporting U.S. troops stationed overseas and domestically.  In addition, the Institute supports the community service projects of military personnel.  The Institute seeks to directly involve the community  in its mission so that those of us at home give of our most precious resource, our time.

The Institute seeks to increase awareness of the sacrifices our service people make on our behalf each and every day through educational programs at schools, communities and religious institutions.

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