Support Our Marines, Inc.

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OUR MISSION:  Every member of our Armed Services deserves our utmost respect and gratitude however, given  the disparity in living conditions between the branches and between the bases, our focus is on Marines not receiving mail from home and the front line and infantry Marine units serving in the most austere of locations.  These Marines  often go  without “luxuries” such as running water , (or showers) , indoor plumbing and sleeping facilities, px’s to purchase needed items and, in many cases without electricity.

We have chosen to put our focus on these front line heroes as they  go largely unnoticed by large Corporate Sponsorships and general “Support Our Troops” type organizations,

Support Our Marines is a unique, non-profit organization that was founded to focus support on the service members in the most remote locations.  We  recognize the special sacrifices of our infantry and front line Marines and the unique hardships which they endure and send quality of life and other requested items and a piece of “home” to Iraq & Afghanistan.  We are  in an excellent position to identify individuals who have the greatest need for health, comfort and other items due to being in remote and austere locations .

Support Our Marines is an all volunteer organization. With the exception of state fees and professional services not donated, 95% of donations will go directly to the Marines serving overseas in the form of shipping costs, requested items not donated, cards and pictures.