AWWC presents Mission BBQ with the Kathryn Fialkowski Award

Dani and Karen Mission BBQ


Today, August 10th, at the grand opening of Mission BBQ in Northeast Philadelphia, director Danielle Fialkowski and the assistant Director Karen Crawford presented the founders of Mission Bbq with the Kathryn Fialkowski award for their support of all our veterans, enlisted men and women and all first responders. We were joined by the Marines, Army, National Guard, Philly’s finest motor patrol, mounted police officers, honor guards, Firemen from Bensalem, Warriors Watch Riders, State Representative Martina White, and many more.

Every day at noon the restaurant stops everything and the entire restaurant recites the National Anthem. The decor is all first responder memorabilia and military memorabilia. Patches are on the walls, stickers on poles. A real patriotic feel. The restaurant first opened their door on 9-11. Not a coincidence.

The food there is amazing. Just saying.

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