AWWC Welcomes New Member: Billy’s BASEballs

billy BASEballs copy

In 2013 I created Billy’s BASEballs as my Bar Mitzvah project.  I collect baseballs, have people write notes on them and then I send these personal tributes to our military to bring them good cheer.  A baseball is a pretty friendly object. It does a great job at bringing people together.  Even without a mitt, a baseball can be tossed in a simple game of catch.  It reminds people of being young, special friendships and simpler times. It transports easily ? fits into any backpack or even a pocket.  A baseball is a nice way to say “Hi” and the soldiers really enjoy getting them.

In less than a year I have sent over 2500 BASEballs and turned my mitzvah project to a Non For Profit Company.  It’s a pleasure to do a project like this and to bring awareness of the sacrifices our service people make on our behalf each and every day.  They truly are Heroes.

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