AWWC Welcomes Brothers of Fire MC PA 1

Visit our Face Book page!/BROTHERSofFIREmc?sk=info Welcome aboard Brothers of Fire MC

AWWC Welcomes EMS Angels MC Pa – DE

EMS ANGELS MC “EMS ANGELS MC was founded to promote the enjoyment of owning as well as riding Motorcycles. Our Goal, as an EMS Angel is to enhance our community, expand our enjoyment and ride with the upmost pride as we explore the scenic roads of our beautiful country. All participating activities sponsored by […]

AWWC Welcomes ~ Second Brigade MC Chapter G – PA

“The first Brigade was our Brothers who went to a foreign land to fight unselfishly for our country and the cause of freedom. When they came back, they brought back a bond of Brotherhood. From that bond, they formed a unique club known today as the VIETNAM VETS M/C. We are the sons, nephews, […]

AWWC Members Welcome Home injured U.S. Navy Corpsman

Recently injured soldier with Pacifica ties, Joe Burns, returns home to San Bruno from Afghanistan to a very warm welcome. Pacifica Military Mothers, Warriors’ Watch Riders, the San Bruno Fire and Police Departments, San Bruno Mayor Jim Ruane and many others were on hand Saturday to welcome home injured U.S. Navy […]

Welcome Home Spec.Traci Petawat of Palmyra, NJ

Video on Demand « CBS Philly

Traci is 24 years old. She graduated from Palmyra High School. She began serving the US Army while in her Junior year. The Warrior Watch Riders, Yellow Ribbon Club, Palmyra Fire Dept and Police Dept. were on hand to assist in making this a memorable […]

Welcome Home for Lance Corporal Andrew Schwartz of Lansdale, Pa

“We do it three four times a week, and we’re never going to stop,” said Lutz.

“The marine does not know about it, but we worked it all out with the dad,” said Jolly. With a caravan of leather, headbands and shades, they all go to honor a hero. Lance Corporal […]